During the past year, Colby Industries with a team of other consultants has worked with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, one of the biggest Council’s in Metropolitan Adelaide, to develop a comprehensive strategy to guide their future waste management. 


The project included: extensive business, industry and community engagement to inform the strategy; development of an paper to identify and summarize key issues; financial analysis of waste management improvement opportunities; workshops with City staff and Elected Members to shape the new strategy’s vision, objectives and initiatives; and drafting of the strategy itself. 


“It was exciting to work with an amazing group of forward-thinking people at the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, helping them deliver a strategy that reflects their community’s needs and aspirations to be more sustainable, and the City’s important goals to deliver value for money to ratepayers” Chris Colby, Colby Industries. 


Our valued partners on the project were Arup, Waste and Management Services and JAC Comrie.


The new strategy, which has been released for Community Consultation, can be viewed at: