Colby Industries is excited to complete another Resource Productivity Assessment (RPA) for South Australian food manufacturers, this time for a cheese manufacturer. 

As a Preferred Supplied under the Green Industries SA Trade Waste Initiative (, Colby Industries has or is delivering RPA assessments across a range of food manufacturing businesses, including meat processor, sauce and condiment manufacturer, craft brewery, winery, and beverage packager.  These assessments help businesses save money and make efficiency improvements in how they manage their energy, waste, water and/or trade waste discharge. 

Key to our approach is ensuring that these assessments are ‘holistic’, so they capture other business productivity gains (e.g. product recovery, labour efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, etc.) that can financially support their implementation.  We are also experts in dentifying how businesses can successfully access grant funding to support new resource efficiency initiatives.

Contact us to ask how we can help your business to save money and become more resource efficient: